Throughout its operations, Borusan Pipe identifies strategies in order to minimize its footprint on the environment and follows environment-friendly policies for a clean environment and healthy future. It operates in accordance with all national and international regulations with a view to recycling its waste, minimizing its use of natural resources, passing on a healthy environment to the posterity.


Borusan Pipe regularly reports its sustainability work under the Borusan Group umbrella. Accordingly, the first Borusan Sustainability Report based on the globally recognized GRI Sustainability Guidelines, was published in 2009. And in December, it was found “Notable”, or exceptionally successful and sufficient based on UN standards by the United Nations’ Global Compact Center in New York City.


Borusan Pipe also produces environment-friendly projects together with Borusan Ocean Volunteers Platform, which helps us share with the society our corporate and individual knowledge, skills and know-how, and take part in joint projects with various NGOs.

Our Energy Policy

 Our Energy Policy undertakes to;

• Comply with national and international legal legislation and other requirements on energy use, consumption and efficiency,

• Operate by supplying all information and resources necessary for an energy management system that aims for continuous improvement in line with our goals and objectives,

• Follow new technologies in production and all our processes,

• Procure energy-efficient products and services and contribute in the improvement of the energy performance,

• Cut down energy losses by making efficient use of energy and natural resources,

• Engage in effective communication with all stakeholders and raise awareness of energy efficiency in the society and our employees,

• Create measurable performance indicators and follow our development through regular audits and reports.