The first industrial enterprise of one of Türkiye’s foremost business conglomerates, the Borusan Group, Borusan Pipe, marked its 65th anniversary in 2023. Since its founding on the first day, Borusan Pipe has continued investing in solutions that create value for its partners with a global vision.

Today, Borusan Pipe continues its global business with more than 2,500 employees and offers more than 4,000 product varieties. Its eleven facilities across three continents and high sales volume have placed it on the map as a leading manufacturer in the steel pipe industry in Europe and the world.

Borusan Pipe brings its experience, expertise, and passion worldwide with state-of-the-art pipes addressing all areas ranging from automotive to construction and energy to machinery production. The company continued its investments with a global perspective following market dynamics. It made its first overseas investment in 2001 when it bought the facility in Vobarno and founded Borusan Vobarno Tubi S.p.A. The company then established Borusan Pipe US Inc. in 2014 to manage its Houston Baytown factory investment in the United States. Borusan Pipe US Inc. achieved success soon thanks to its advanced technology and innovative products. It won the “Best Pipe Manufacturer” award given by one of the most prestigious publications in the United States, the American Metal Market, in 2016, 2017, and 2020. In 2023, within the scope of its strategy to become a local player in global markets, Borusan Pipe acquired Berg Pipe, which produces at the highest quality and largest capacity in the USA

Having entered Türkiye’s pioneering overseas investors with these breakthroughs, Borusan Pipe seeks investment opportunities in different countries and aims to boost Türkiye’s competitiveness.

In addition to its contributions to our country with its exports to various countries in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, it is also a driving force for the Turkish economy with the development assurance it gives for the coming years.

Having been ranked among Türkiye’s top 100 industrial enterprises for 50 years, Borusan Pipe goes beyond merely manufacturing pipes with its thousands of products, reliable service, quality, and the trails it has blazed in Türkiye and the world and builds Türkiye’s future. It delivers a sustainable society with management policies, a developed country, and a secure future with large-scale investments.